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"Big dubs to CarLocity for making the purchase of the perfect vehicle absolutely painless!!"

Jared & Cassie E. - Phoenix, AZ

"Hello big family SUV!! Can't wait to go camping!  Thanks to CarLocity for all your help! Such an easy great experience!!"

Candace L. - Phoenix, AZ

"Carlocity made my vehicle search easier. It was intuitive and saved me time of searching through dealership after dealership only to see the price in the windshield raised. It was a breath of fresh air to cut right to an easy to see, out the door price."

Darren T. - Phoenix, AZ

"Great concept! Super easy process and I love that dealers aren't calling me 24/7! - 5 stars!"

Nathan G. - Glendale, AZ

Super simple process.  No hassle at all.

Best car buying experience of my life!!  FIVE STARS!!
Tempie C. - Phoenix, AZ

1. We Shop for you

Give us the deets. Tell us about your next car or truck and we will ANONYMOUSLY shop your Deal Request™ to car dealers in your area for you. No one blowing up your phone or email. A truly anonymous car buying experience.

No selling your info. Ever.

2. pick your offer

Car Dealers submit written offers with pricing, pictures, details, and itemized, out-the-door pricing. Walk into the dealer with confidence.


No haggling. No hassle. No BS*.

*BS=’Bait & Switch’

3. Test & Take It Home

Like the car? See, smell, feel and test drive it! Then buy it for the price already proposed. No gimmicks. No extra delivery charges. No wondering if you’ll like the car.  It’s the best of both worlds.


Easy. Nearly painless. A little FUN?

So ... Are you in?

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Why CarLocity?

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No Pressure

Let’s Face It

Buying a car has sucked for far too long. High pressure sales…Feeling put on the spot…Feeling like a prisoner at the dealership.


Those days are over.


CarLocity transforms the car dealership sales experience into an anonymous car buying experience!

No Haggling

No B.S.*

Dealers will send you firm proposals.  Because they know your request has been sent to multiple dealers, they will offer their best deals fast.

Reject deals you don’t like.  Accept the ones you want to look at.

Buy the one you choose.  Easy as pie. Or cake (if you’re not a pie person!).


*B.S. = “Bait & Switch”

In & Out

90 minutes*

CarLocity brings you the power of online shopping, with access to thousands of vehicles currently in your local dealer inventories.

Walk into the dealer with the deal in hand.


Shop. Pick. Buy.  DONE.

*average CarLocity Buyer time at Dealership

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If you want proposals for multiple vehicles types, please submit additional Deal Requests for each.

We shop each Deal Request independently to get you the best matches.
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Please indicate the most miles you'd consider on a used vehicle, keeping in mind your desired budget and vehicle age ranges.
Reasonable mileage range is approximately 12,000 - 15,000 miles per year of age of the vehicle.
Help our dealers propose vehicles that are great for your intended use.



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