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Who is CarLocity?

CarLocity is an Arizona-based technology startup committed to fixing the car dealership buying experience…not by eliminating the dealerships – but by embracing them!

  • CarLocity exists because we believe the car buying experience is broken and dealerships have had ample time to improve and fix it.
  • Discrimination.  According to the National Fair Housing Authority study conducted in 2018, over 60% of better-qualified minority buyers received worse offers and/or fewer financing options than their less-qualified white counterparts.  Anonymity can help fix this!
  • Equality. We believe no one should be taken advantage of or mistreated in the car buying process. Ever.
  • Privacy.  We believe buyers should control access to their information.
  • We believe abandoning local dealerships to buy cars unseen online is a waste of a valuable resource.
  • We believe local dealerships are an incredible source of expertise and service.
  • We believe the car business can – and must – change.

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