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CarLocity is an Arizona-based technology startup committed to fixing the car dealership buying experience…not by eliminating the dealerships – but by embracing them!

CarLocity exists to transform the car SALES experience into a fair, fun, & enjoyable BUYING experience.

We believe in:



We believe buyers should control access to their information.



We believe that no one should be taken advantage of or mistreated in the car buying process. Ever.


We believe abandoning local dealerships to buy cars unseen online is a waste of a valuable resource.


We believe local dealerships are an incredible source of expertise and service.


Like every industry since time began, we believe the car business can – and must – change.

"Big dubs to CarLocity for making the purchase of the perfect vehicle absolutely painless!!"

Jared & Cassie E. - Phoenix, AZ

"Hello big family SUV!! Can't wait to go camping!  Thanks to CarLocity for all your help! Such an easy great experience!!"

Candace L. - Phoenix, AZ

"Carlocity made my vehicle search easier. It was intuitive and saved me time of searching through dealership after dealership only to see the price in the windshield raised. It was a breath of fresh air to cut right to an easy to see, out the door price."

Darren T. - Phoenix, AZ

"Great concept! Super easy process and I love that dealers aren't calling me 24/7! - 5 stars!"

Nathan G. - Glendale, AZ

Super simple process.  No hassle at all.

Best car buying experience of my life!!  FIVE STARS!!
Tempie C. - Phoenix, AZ



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