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Let's Be Real

Most people would rather do almost ANYTHING than go to a car dealership.  Even YOURS.

We send you engaged buyers with YOUR deal in hand, excited to get the deal done and get out in their new (to them) vehicle.


Expectations Are High

Consumer expectations are INCREDIBLY high (and getting higher).  The rise of ecommerce has provided an unprecedented amount of research information to the public, making the “old ways” of making money in the car business very difficult.  (It’s fine…it happens to every industry eventually.  Just ask the guys who were making wagon wheels and horse harnesses when the car biz came about!).

Trust is low

Consumer trust of car dealers is at an all-time low. Even if you put together a great “no haggle” or “express shopping” program NO ONE believes it’s real.

CarLocity buyers put their trust in us that our dealers are going to follow our process and play fair.

Create Transparency

CarLocity’s system and process creates control and transparency in the deal that encourages fast transactions at prices that are fair and reasonable for both parties. Get them in. Close them up.  Send them home happy!

Business is Booming

E-commerce “dealers” are exploding their business – and gunning for  yours.  Great news is that you can partner with CarLocity and beat them at their own game. 

Simple Subscriptions

CarLocity’s simple subscription model means you pay one flat charge regardless of how many units we help you move or how many Deal Requests we send you.  Not happy? Simply don’t renew your subscription.


"Big dubs to CarLocity for making the purchase of the perfect vehicle absolutely painless!!"

Jared & Cassie E. - Phoenix, AZ

"Hello big family SUV!! Can't wait to go camping!  Thanks to CarLocity for all your help! Such an easy great experience!!"

Candace L. - Phoenix, AZ

"Carlocity made my vehicle search easier. It was intuitive and saved me time of searching through dealership after dealership only to see the price in the windshield raised. It was a breath of fresh air to cut right to an easy to see, out the door price."

Darren T. - Phoenix, AZ

"Great concept! Super easy process and I love that dealers aren't calling me 24/7! - 5 stars!"

Nathan G. - Glendale, AZ

Super simple process.  No hassle at all.

Best car buying experience of my life!!  FIVE STARS!!
Tempie C. - Phoenix, AZ


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