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Why CarLocity?

1. Deals.  We send you engaged buyers with YOUR deal in hand, excited to get the deal done and get out in their new (to them) vehicle.

2.  You price the deal. CarLocity does not dictate pricing, but we do strongly encourage all your offers to be competitive.  Frankly, they won’t be accepted if they aren’t at least fair.

3. Raise your CSAT/NPS. Consumer expectations are INCREDIBLY high (and getting higher). Let us help you deliver phenomenal buying experiences!

4. Capture Defectors.  E-commerce “dealers” are exploding their business – and gunning for  yours.  Great news is that you can partner with CarLocity and beat them at their own game and start winning back buyers who are leaning towards e-commerce.

5.  Easy.   CarLocity’s system and process creates control and transparency in the deal that encourages fast transactions at prices that are fair and reasonable for both parties. Get them in. Close them up.  Send them home happy!

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