Why buy leads when we'll send you BUYERS?

Buyers Want Transparency

Give them what they want - a comfortable and controlled shopping experience and you'll close more.

In an independent survey, car buyers preferred CarLocity's anonymous car shopping service over online-only dealerships by a 72% margin and your #1 source of leads - car shopping websites - by a 47% margin.

Focus on Bottom of Funnel

Your staff has better things to do than harass top-of-funnel buyers with 10-15 calls, texts, and emails that are mostly ignored and only lower your CSAT/NPS scores.

CarLocity Buyers know what they are looking for and are ready to buy.

71% of CarLocity Buyers are ready to buy within the next 14 days!

Close. Close. Close

There's a reason you're not moving units through your website: You're treating it like a lead generator.

Huge Mistake.You should be CLOSING.

Interested CarLocity Buyers set appointments to see a specific vehicle (or two) and have already seen your deal sheet(s) at a price YOU set.

They are far more likely to buy than some "lead" you bought or a tire kicker checking out a listing on some website with 50,000 other vehicles listed.

Let Us Send You Buyers!

Stop losing deals to e-commerce “dealers” and talk with us TODAY!

Why CarLocity?

We are creating a whole new car buying experience!

Data Talks

Numbers Do Not Lie

  • 34% of CarLocity Buyers plan to purchase in the next 7 days.
  • 65% of our buyers plan to finance.
  • <50% of car shoppers visit a dealer’s website at all during their shopping process.
  • 80% of car shoppers use 3rd party sites to shop for vehicles.

Buyers Want Better

We help You Deliver it

CarLocity Buyers are car shoppers who would otherwise opt for a dealer-less experience. Through our service, they come in with your written deal that your deal desk is happy with.

Heck…you’re 80% of the way there at that point.


It's Better for Dealers

Close. Close. Close.

Buying “leads” puts you in a foot race to get to the buyer first, irritating them in the process.

CarLocity’s system is much simpler: Check your inventory. Price to win. Make your offer, then let the buyers do what they are going to do anyway – shop their options. If you’ve done your homework, you’ll be hearing back.

 Make a good offer and honor it. Don’t play games. We’ll send you buyers. They’ll love you for it.

Let Us Send You Buyers!

Stop losing deals to e-commerce “dealers” and talk with us TODAY!

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