Why buy stacks of leads that close at 6%? Let CarLocity send you Buyers!

Let Us Send You Buyers!

Stop losing deals to e-commerce “dealers” and talk with us TODAY!


Give Buyers What They Want and you Win

Car buyers prefer CarLocity’s anonymous car shopping service over online-only dealerships by a 72% margin and your #1 source of leads – car shopping websites – by a 47% margin.

Give them what they want – a comfortable and controlled shopping experience and you’ll close more.

Focus on Closing Not on Chasing

Your staff has better things to do than harass top-of-funnel buyers with 10-15 calls, texts, and emails that are mostly ignored and only lower your CSAT/NPS scores.

CarLocity Buyers know what they are looking for and are ready to buy.

71% of CarLocity Buyers are ready to buy within the next 14 days!

Lower Sales Cost Faster Transactions

Get a Deal Request™. Check inventory. Write the deal.  Send it back.

That’s it.

If the Buyer is interested, we will set up a test drive appointment.

If they aren’t, we send them a survey to learn why and help us both improve.


Dealers agree they have to adapt to online sales or die


Buyer preference of CarLocity ABOVE car shopping sites


Decline in dealerships visited during car shopping process


Buyers preference of CarLocity ABOVE online-only dealers

Why CarLocity?

We are creating a whole new car buying experience!

Data Talks


Less than 50% of car shoppers visit your (or any) dealer website

65% of car buyers think that dealers are unethical

More than 80% of car shoppers use 3rd party sites

34% of CarLocity Buyers are planning to purchase within 7 days

Buyers Want Better


CarLocity Buyers are car shoppers who would otherwise opt for a dealer-less experience. Through our service, they come in with your written deal that your deal desk is happy with.

Heck…you’re 80% of the way there at that point.

It's Better for Dealers


Imagine a world where Buyers walked in your door excited, happy, and ready to engage?

That’s the world CarLocity is building for you, our Dealers.

Let us show you how.


Let Us Send You Buyers!

Stop losing deals to e-commerce “dealers” and talk with us TODAY!



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