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Yes. Completely. 100%. We do not share any of your personal information with our dealers (or anyone else!) – they receive only a CarLocity deal number. They won’t even know your initials! (We mean…until you reveal yourself at the test drive appointment, of course!)

Our Deal Shopper™ technology automatically removes any personal information and assigns an anonymous Deal Request Number. Our dealers are then notified of that Deal Number and the details of the request. Dealers are not provided with any contact information until you provide it to them at your test drive appointment.

It’s pretty simple, really.  You’ll see the dealer’s list pricing when you shop on our site.  After you submit your Deal Request™, we will provide you with a detailed, written breakdown of the total price of the vehicle including tax, licensing/registration, title fees, and other known dealer fees.  This means you get to see the full deal before deciding whether to schedule a test drive appointment.

Note: Written offers will not include F&I products (warranty, pre-paid maintenance, etc).  If you choose to add these options at the dealership, they will change the deal.

We NEVER share personal contact information such as your name, address, phone number, and email address.

Nada. Zero. Zip. Zilch. Not even your initials.

We only send information pertinent to the deal – make, model, year(s), trade information (if any), etc… They use this information to write up the offers they send back.

No.  Hope we are clear on that. 🙂

Dealerships know that we provide interest from highly engaged Buyers, so they pay CarLocity to be part of our dealer network.

CarLocity transforms the car dealership SALES process into an easy, transparent BUYING experience.  Buyers get a phenomenal experience and Dealers get highly engaged customers.  Win-win.

No, you’ll be purchasing the vehicle from one of our network of Dealerships.  CarLocity simply helps facilitate a great experience for both parties.

Not at this time. There are tons of great vehicle research/information sites out there and we’ve decided to focus on the buying experience itself.
Generally, you’ll receive your written offer within a few hours of the submission, sometimes much faster. (And sometimes they take a little while longer!)
In the vast majority of cases, yes. In some instances, the dealer might use stock photography of vehicles that have not yet arrived (in transit) or have not cleared their intake process. We know this is a bummer and we’re constantly working to improve our systems. CarLocity will provide additional photos of the actual vehicle when submitting a Deal Sheet back to you. Typically, we include 9-12 photos along with your Deal Sheet, and they will all be of the actual vehicle, never stock photos. Submit a Deal Request™ and let us get to work for you!

You will receive highly competitive pricing, which is typically thousands less than you’d pay on a dealer-less site.

Our Dealers know they only get 1 opportunity to make you an offer – they don’t have your contact information – or even your name – and no way to know who you are or contact you – so they make their best offer on the first pass.

Look…you came to CarLocity to avoid all that stuff, right? So why would you even want to put yourself through it? It’s not worth it in most cases. Financing and the value of your trade might be a bit of a discussion (until we get around to adding features that handle THAT for you, too!) but finding that perfect vehicle at a price you’re happy with is the hardest part of car shopping. Well…that and having to shop 40 different websites, but we’re fixing that one as well.

Sounds like you know what you’re doing.  That means your time is probably pretty valuable to you.


  1. CarLocity saves you time by allowing you to shop many local dealers in 1 platform and receive written offers you can evaluate at home…no pressure or wasted time.
  2. NO ONE calling or emailing you trying to sell you something after your site visit.  We know you’ve never been left alone before, so we like to shock you by being first.
  3. We handle everything up until the test drive, then it’s up to you.
  4. Typical CarLocity transaction time – including test drive – is around 90 minutes vs. the average dealership visit of 3 hours+.

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CarLocity is an anonymous car shopping marketplace that empowers car Buyers to shop all their local dealerships in one place, free from sales calls, harassment, haggling, or pricing discrimination. We never sell your information and the Dealer won't know who you are until you show up and hand them your ID for the test drive.
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