Browse our Frequently Asked Questions to see what we can do for you. Learn what we do, the information we share, fees (or not) plus how your transaction is completed. Plus understand the timeline and what you can expect from CarLocity as a trusted research partner. 

Fequently Asked Questions

What does CarLocity do?
CarLocity is an anonymous car buying service designed to dramatically improve the customer experience at car dealerships while providing car dealerships with a steady flow of serious buyers.
What information does CarLocity share with their dealer network?
We NEVER share personal contact information such as your name, address, phone number, and email address.

We only send through information pertinent to the deal – make, model, year(s), budget details, how you plan to finance or pay for the vehicle, etc… They use this information to write up the deals they send back.

If your service is free, how does CarLocity make money?
Your local dealerships subscribe to receive Deal Requests from CarLocity because they know that our buyers are serious and ready to buy. In fact, our buyers walk into the dealership with a pre-arranged deal for a specific car. That means that the dealership will sell more cars in less time. (Bonus: the customer experience is incredibly improved, which will also improve their satisfaction ratings!)
Are there any added fees for using CarLocity?
How do you ensure my information isn’t shared?
Our Deal Shopper™ technology automatically removes any personal information and assigns an anonymous Deal Request Number. Our dealers are then notified of that Deal Number and the details of the request. Dealers are not provided with any contact information until you provide it to them at your appointment.
Am I buying the vehicle from CarLocity?
No. Your local dealership will handle the entire transaction process. CarLocity only helps you to find the specific car and deal you’re interested in. Check out our How It Works page for more information.
Does CarLocity provide vehicle research?
No. Research and narrow down your vehicle selection to 1 or 2 you love, then send through a Deal Request and let the offers come in!
How long does it take to get a Deal Sheet from a dealer?
Our dealers know that we send your request to a number of local dealers in the area, so they will move quickly to write up and submit their deals to you. Generally within a couple of hours of the submission, sometimes much faster.



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