How it works

Your anonymous car shopping service


Our Promise

  • CarLocity is your partner in the car buying process.

  • We will never – EVER- sell or distribute your contact information without your expressed approval to do so.

  • We only work with dealers who agree to respect our buyers and our process.

  • We will always work to help our buyers AND dealers learn and improve.

We Anonymously Shop Your Deal To Local Dealers

  • Once you submit your Deal Request™, we submit only the deal information to our dealer network. 


  • NO ONE will call you. 


  • You will receive written Deal Sheets with a written proposal from one (or more) of our dealers, based on the information and preferences you provided.

  • If you like a deal, reply “interested” – that just means you want to check out the vehicle.

  • If you don’t like a deal, reject it and provide feedback as to why. (We use this data to improve.  NO ONE will call, text, or email you to try to change your mind!)

Go Check Out the Vehicle

  • Found a deal you like?  We will schedule an appointment with the dealer to see, drive, and inspect the vehicle.


  • Many dealers offer home test drives/delivery.


  • Walk in with the written deal in-hand.  The only thing that changes the deal are things YOU want to add.


  • Don’t like the vehicle?  Don’t buy it!  Feel free to walk out and start the process over.


  • Like the vehicle and the deal?  Buy it.

The Process

  • CarLocity Dealers agree to a simple, streamlined process and not to “play games” with you.

  • Walk in with your deal.  Check out the vehicle.  Buy it.  Or don’t.

  • After your visit to the dealership, rate them on their service and how they treated you. Did they honor the deal or try to bait-and-switch?

  • Dealers who fall below a certain minimum rating are given feedback and the opportunity to improve.

  • If the dealer fails to improve, they risk being excluded from the CarLocity platform.

  • Bottom line: We are committed to changing the in-dealership buying experience to help BOTH you and the dealer!



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